10 Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Clean, healthy skin is one of the most important aspects of beauty. So today we will talk about the skin, how to properly care for her and how to achieve her ideal condition. We bring to your attention 10 tips on cosmetology. From simple dietary advice to skin cleansers and skin care, all these ideas will help you take care of yourself, delay wrinkles and protect your body from various diseases that can irritate the skin. If you follow these tips carefully and regularly, you will notice the effect very soon.

1. Before you start skin care, you need to determine its type.

What for? Because cosmetic products – from soap to moisturizers – are designed for a certain type of skin, they have a pH and therefore have different effects on the skin. The more you know about your skin, the more you know about the ways to protect it. Knowledge is power.


A young woman relaxing at a health spa while having a facial treatment and hands massaging.

2. Drink more water.

Surely you’ve heard this advice many times already and are already tired of it. But do not underestimate its importance. Moisturized skin is elastic, better protected from infection and has increased resistance to wrinkles. Humidification can be achieved not only with the help of various cosmetics, it should also go from the inside.


3. Cleanse the skin regularly (1-2 times a day).

This tip is especially useful when you leave the house, and your skin is affected by negative factors such as dust, dirt, bacteria. Always wash with water at room temperature, do not make it too cold or hot, because such extreme temperatures can only do harm.

4. Be gentle with your skin.

Even if you go through a peeling course, do not rub the skin with force and do not stretch it. The skin should not become scratched or inflamed, it should be easily cleaned with an abrasive pad or a special cream for your skin type. If you spend a lot of time cleaning the skin, it does not mean that this method works, or that nutrients will be easier to penetrate into the skin. Do not rush when it comes to the skin.

5. Always keep the skin moisturized.

Follow this rule, especially in the case of too high or low temperatures. Dry skin withers faster, micro-ruptures, irritation, cracks appear from lack of moisture. In addition, dry skin is completely unattractive. Choose a moisturizer with a pH that suits your skin type, and do not change the makeup that you use. If you have tried the cream and know that it suits you, stick to this remedy and do not swish from one to the other.

6. Do not use soaps

Soap is suitable only for the rest of the body, and after use, it must be washed thoroughly with water. Not every cleanser or gel is suitable for your skin, and stay away from foods with very low or high pH. Choose products with a pH close to the acidity of the skin – 5.5.

7. Protect skin from sunlight.

Recently, UV radiation has become especially harmful to the skin. Therefore, when skin contact with sunlight is recommended to use protective cream (even if it’s cloudy outside, experts recommend applying sunscreen). UV radiation increases the risk of skin cancer, so choose a moisturizer with a higher level of protection.

8. Sleep and movement.

This magic combination will not only lead you to good health, but also provide skin health, reduce wrinkles and help increase the elasticity of the skin. Your skin needs rest and exercise.


9. Correctly treat skin diseases.

If you notice irritation or a pimple that can not be saved, black spots or other signs of anxiety, consult a dermatologist. Often, the funds designed to combat these “ailments” of the skin can only aggravate the situation, and consistent treatment will not have an effect.

10. Reduce stress levels – it’s important!

Stress hurts the skin, so do everything to not succumb to it. A warm bath, a walk, relaxing music or another method for keeping stress under control will suit and help the health of your skin.

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