1st April pranks ideas| April Fool!

The first of April or as it is called the Day of Laughter, it is not just possible to joke, but it is also necessary, everywhere and everywhere – with parents, children, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even strangers

 Day of laughter, or as it is affectionately called Day of the Fool – April 1 is the record holder in the year. By the way, to take offense at the April Fools’ rallies is considered a bad form.

How to play the household

  • Waking up early put the children’s children’s things, and the children’s parents, replace the slippers for a larger or smaller size. You can put slippers of different sizes, hide one sock from different pairs or stitch the sock and so on.
  • If you are not too lazy to spend a little time preparing the drawing, you can sew up a thin, easily torn thread, sleeves or trousers in the clothes of your household members late at night. You can also sew the sleeve to the pants or sew up the neck. Such innocent jokes will turn the dressing process into a game and set all members of the family in a major mood.
  • You can recall the jokes that we repeatedly made in childhood – to paint the face of a sleeping toothpaste, ketchup or another quickly washed off mixture, and cover the soap with a colorless varnish so that it does not foam.
  • You can also squeeze out toothpaste, and instead of it, fill the tube with milk, sour cream or mayonnaise with a syringe. By the way, milk will be funnier.
  • And, the tapper can be tinted with a liquid dye – blue or red, resulting in a blue or red water from the tap. By the way, the latter is scarier.
  • You can pour a washable product into the toilet, which is well foamed, or put dry pasta under the toilet seat, and when someone sits on it – it will crack as if it broke.
  • You can carry out various manipulations with cosmetics. For example, replace face cream or deodorant with butter.
  • In the kitchen, by tradition, you can replace sugar with salt, add pepper to coffee – this drink is very invigorating in the morning, especially on April 1. But it’s funnier to make a slice of sour cream and half a can of peach and serve jelly instead of juice.

Enumerate the various jokes you can endlessly, and it does not matter how you play your family on the Day of Laughter. The main thing, remember that this is a wonderful occasion to have fun with the whole family.


How to play friends

  • There are many jokes related to the phone. For example, call a friend from an unknown phone number and say the following text: “Hello, this is the corner of Durov? Do you need a talking horse? Just do not hang up, you know how hard it is to get a hoof!”
  • or, call a friend and ask him not to answer the calls within a few minutes, as the telephone operator is on the line, and he may be electrocuted. After a while, call back, and if your friend picks up the phone – publish a scream of wail. This rally is not for the faint of heart, so joke so as not to harm the native person.
  • For the next draw, you need to switch on your mobile phone to any number, for example a state institution, a hairdresser, a bathhouse or a rest home. Surprising people calling you will not have a limit, when instead of your greeting they will hear an unfamiliar voice saying the name of the organization.


  • You can play a friend by laying him a farting pillow. To make the cushion harder to notice, it is better to place it under the seat cushion. Just check that the air was where to go.
  • Successfully pinned can be offered a cola with ice. Only here the ice should be filled with chewing sweets mentos. After the ice melts and the cola reacts with the mentos, a real fountain is guaranteed.
  • A friend can be played in the following way, which is called a “secret admirer”. You should order a chic bouquet and attach an anonymous note, in which you specify the place and time of the meeting, and bring this very bouquet with you.
  • To meet with a girlfriend you need to send a man she does not know, but he must come with his companion. Approaching your friend, he must take away her bouquet and hand it solemnly to her companion. But, in order not to bring the native person to the handle, you must immediately appear and hand over the flowers, which are already intended for her.
  • If you work with a friend in one office or without interference to get to his workstation, you can glue it with stickers, on which you first write declarations of love, good wishes and so on. Or just throw his workplace with toys, for example, frogs, various rattles and so on.

By the way, you can arrange a party with friends and ask each of them to cook some humorous competitions for the evening, and before the end of the holiday to sum up and present the prize for the most successful rally.

How to play co-workers:

The easiest thing in the execution of a rally is to stick a mouse over the tape and watch the perplexed colleague or colleagues. On Scotch tape, you can draw or write something cool: “I’ll be there after dinner, your little mouse.”


  • Or even hide the mouse, putting a note with painted traces and words: “Do not look for me, I found a more caring father.” You can also glue to the colleague’s desk with double-sided scotch all that is on it – pens, pencils, keyboard, notebook, mouse, phone and so on.

A burst of laughter in the office guarantees the horn of the fan under the chair of the colleague.

  • Wait until the colleague leaves for a while from the office, and change the birthday on his Facebook page on April 1, and look at his (her) reaction when they fall asleep with congratulations.

Do you want to play all the employees at the same time? Bring to work a box of delicious cakes or sweets with the inscription on April 1. At the same time, so casually, say that you do not want something. I guarantee that no one will touch these goodies, as everyone will wonder what you did with them.

  • You can also bring to the office a box of sweet cushions, for example, “Scrunchy crunch”, after replacing the contents on the pads “Whiskas” and observe the reaction of colleagues to the “sweet” pads.
  • You can print the order of the chief about the change in the schedule of holidays and post it on the bulletin board. Or say that half of each employee’s salary will be transferred to the organization’s fund.
  • If your boss has enough sense of humor, you can play him or her, or maybe them. For example, the whole team write applications for dismissal on their own and bring to the signature at the same time. True, there is a danger that the head of these statements will indeed sign.
  • You can also compose applications for financial assistance in the amount of 10 salaries in connection with the birth of a feather, a flight to Venus, the arrival of aliens and so on, it all depends on the flight of your imagination.

How to play teachers and classmates

For teachers, April 1 has always been a difficult day, because at every step young rascals are to be played, which this day brings indescribable joy.

Schoolchildren have more ingenuity than adults. The spectrum of their jokes and jokes is quite extensive, and their imaginations can only be envied.

  • The most common school drawings include sticking stickers to the back of classmates with inscriptions of various contents, such as “pumping with the breeze” or “who does not have a horse, then sit on me.”


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