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Mahesh Bhatt Birthday

Mahesh Bhatt Birthday Mahesh Bhatt (born 20 September 1948) is an Indian film director, producer and screenwriter known for his works exclusively in Hindi cinema. Today 20 September 2016 is Mahesh Bhatt Birthday. He celebrate his...

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Top 25 Celebrities Who Look Alike

Here we are sharing some amazing facts about celebrities who are mind-boggling look-alike stars who could totally pass as siblings. Top 25 Celebrities Who Look Alike Mehwish Hayat And Nargis Fakhri Mehwish Hayat is Pakistani...

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Muhammad Aamir Walima And T-20

Muhammad Aamir dressing was dashing on his Walima. Today late night at 3:30am he will leave for Dubai with his wife Narjis. In Dubai Where he will play against West-indies. He will take part in...


Pakistani Sibling Celebrities

Pakistan’s media industry is at its glance.We are going to discuss Pakistani sibling Celebrities. Minal and Aiman Minal and Aiman are a new addition to Pakistan’s media industry.They were born on 20th November, 1998....

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Angelina Jolie Divorced Brad Pitt

One Of The Highest Profile Marriage Is Over. Hollywood’s most powerful couple have divorced. After over a decade of being together. They finally married in August 2014. Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad. Multiple...

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Muhammad Aamir Barat

Today September 20, 2016 is Muhammad Aamir Wedding day. They both are looking very happy.   Muhammad Aamir Barat Photos