Ayesha Khan” IS Getting Married In This Month

Ayesha Khan” IS Getting Married In This Month:

A month ago, Ayesha Khan had announced that she is leaving the entertainment industry.

Ayesha Khan  is getting married to the Major uqbah.

aisha khan

Aisha Khan Wedding Invitation

Ayesha Khan posted on Social media My lovely fans…. to each and every one of you i am forever grateful. The love that has poured in since my announcement is truly overwhelming…. im sorry to have disappointed some of you with this decision but I believe it is time to move on to the next chapter of life…Whatever it may be… please remember me in your prayers. ❤much gratitude

“With Great pleasure and humility i have decided to bid farewell to our wonderful media industry. i am bowing out with immense satisfaction and a lot of pride to move on to the next phase of my life. At this point I”d like to thank everyone who i have worked in the industry and people outside of it especially my fans and well wishers who have supported me unconditionally and appreciated my work. I have grown and developed and meet wonderful people in this industry to whom i’m ever so grateful. I have always tried to keep my professional and personal life separate and request everyone to understand please. I would also like to let my colleagues and friends know about the limitation that i might have had in accepting new projects since 2016 out of which a few scripts stayed with me for a long time. my apologies, as I move on in life to discover how fate unfolds, i would request my well wishers to remember me and my parents in their prayers”.










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