How can I plan to take care of myself during the day?

In the morning you suddenly notice that the skin began to look like an old parchment, or, conversely, everything is covered with a fat layer as a sticky film. No experiments in cosmetic care before going to bed did not. Is that a little shifted the time of applying daily face mask …

This can be a fundamental factor in skin problems!


The body and body of everyone (brain, muscles, heart and all absolutely organs) works like clockwork – in a definitely established unique rhythm. 

It was this rhythm that the doctor called the biological regime. Therefore, every impact (whether it is salon procedures or the most harmless home masks) – its time.

From daily normirovannyh biorhythms the choice of creams, masks, physical exertion or relaxation, relaxation should depend.

But usually the female body also passes through a cycle of physiological biological rhythms, in girls it depends on menstruation and shows when it is better to do face masks, and all other cosmetic procedures, massage, wraps or diet.

If you do not combine the time of taking care of yourself with your biorhythms, its effectiveness and expediency can significantly decrease or not bring any result, cosmeticians say about it.

We’ll figure it out, what’s going on with the body for a day and at what time what masks to do for the face?

Early morning. From 5 am to 10 am:

  • 5:00 – 6:00. Update and regeneration of cells is slower, the full and active wakefulness of the whole organism begins. The pressure, the temperature rise and come back to normal, and if you fell asleep at the “right” time (that is, until 23-23: 30 hours), then by 7-7: 30 you should feel cheerful, strong and ready for anything new. At this time, contrasting procedures are useful, especially if the facial skin is prone to manifestations of an allergic reaction or has a greatly reduced tone. Well “crocheted” and “lemon  masks;
  • 7:00 – 8:00. This time for the body and facial skin is especially favorable for perceiving both external influences and those vitamins that blood will bring. Now is the most successful time to make up the supplies of vitamin supplements. For breakfast it is better to use natural juices with various vitamins – orange, carrot, tomato. And, accordingly to make of them a mask. These products have many antioxidants that help the skin to defeat aging. In household masks, you can still include ampoule vitamins B, B1, A, C – this is a real magic elixir for dry skin;
  • 9:00 – 10:00. Blood flow reaches the highest level, therefore the skin can endure considerable loads. At such an hour, the visit to the cosmetology room is ideal. And during the application of household masks, do not neglect the good and long massage of the face and neck, the decollete zone, this will deepen the penetration of the mask into the pores.

Afternoon. From noon until 19:00:

  • 11:00 – 12:00. During this period, the most active work of the sebaceous glands occurs, and usually now it is time to correct the make-up pattern. In addition, the body will react sharply to external stimuli: tobacco smoke, alcohol, too spicy or through salty foods. Quickly there will be an erythema, allergic reactions will appear. So think about it when you decide to have a snack in fast food. It is better to completely abandon the new experiments both in food and in self-care;
  • 12:00 – 14:00. Blood pressure is reduced, and a person begins to feel a strong obsessive need to rest. Now the best solution will be to make a self-relaxing massage of the face and head. And it is even better to cheer up with thermal water. Complex mask does not even make sense – it does not work;
  • 15:00 – 16:00. Daily cycles and body regimens are coming to an end. Now the body is immune to the procedures absolutely! Cosmetics most likely will lie unevenly, the mask, in particular with preparations with active biological additives, will simply be “thrown into the wind . ” Better just rest in the fresh air;
  • 17:00 – 19:00. The blood flow starts to accelerate again. The period is just perfect for fitness, walking, yoga or swimming pool. From this time until late in the evening, the skin is active and susceptible to all types of cosmetic procedures: masochki, massage, deep hydration and active nutrition. Even now, the pain threshold is lowered, which means that now is a really good time for painful cosmetic actions: do hair removal, anti-cellulite massage and wrap, face cleaning.

Evening and night. From 20 pm – until 5 am:

  • 20:00 – 22:00. The organism is fully ready to remove toxins accumulated during a hard day. An excellent result will show a sauna or a Turkish sauna. But such luxury can not be used more than once a week. And on other days, just prepare your face and body for rest. Carefully make the make-up and cleansing, apply a nourishing mask and cream or tonic. Any means of care should be applied for half an hour before bedding, so that it has time to absorb well, and not just smudge on the pillow;
  • 11pm – 5am. There is an active renewal of epidermal cells. But with the obligatory condition that at this time you sleep a sweet dream. During a deep sound sleep, the cells divide and recover 8 times more actively and faster than in the light waking time. Therefore, you do not need to smear at night the same cream or serum, as in the daytime. Night products are not in vain rich in biologically useful components, which will be better absorbed during rest. At night, well-behaved and local means, which cause only the “right” areas. For hair, apply a mask that does not require quick flushing. For example, from burdock oil.

Usually, human biorhythms have a well-defined cycle, more or less the same for all people, and to move it or turn it completely, you need to live in an “inverted”mode for a couple of years. Even if you sleep during the day and at night at work, you do not need to change between night and daytime medications.

Day cream, in addition to its direct properties, can also protect against ultraviolet rays, for example, and at night it’s completely useless. Night remedies should moisturize and nourish, and day care should be well protected.

The procedure, which under any schedule of the day is to be moved from morning to evening or, even better, twice a day, is a qualitative cleansing. Always need to cleanse the face after an active period of the night before going to bed, regardless of when you go to bed.

And if there is not enough time to watch for biorhythms and do not know what means to take – choose a moisturizing mask, do not go wrong! Moisturize any skin at any time of day or night!

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