How to develop a habit of thinking positively?

Positive thinking is much more than setting bold goals or purposefulness.

The power of positive thinking lies in daily practice. And it’s not about denying problems or “pink glasses”



How to develop a habit of thinking positively?

The habit of thinking positively, as well as any habit, requires practice and concentration. In any case, first. But eventually you will get into the taste of the matter and do not have time to look back, as positive thinking will become your default program for your mind.

Let’s look at a typical everyday day and see where you can find a place for a positive thought …

Wake up and sing!

The most important thing is first. How you start your morning can depend all day! Before you start anything, think about 5 things in your life for which you are grateful.

Toothbrush and fried eggs

Going to the shower? Enjoy it.
Brush your teeth? Smile to yourself and say: “How I love you. Are you so wonderful! ”
Do you prepare breakfast? Tell yourself: “It looks very appetizing, and most importantly – it will charge me with energy for the whole day!”

On the road with the clouds …

Are you going to work? Thank your car for the faithful service, for the fact that in the morning it starts, takes you to work and back. And, maybe you move by public transport, or by bike, or on foot … Thank, on whatever you move.

With them you spend 5 days a week

It does not matter how boring, boring or even elusive they are, think about every person you meet during the working day, and find something positive in it. And so every day. Better yet, give them a compliment every day. But only chur without falsehood and exaggeration!

Home troubles

Infinite, boring, and sometimes dirty, home affairs are rarely a favorite item on the agenda. But let’s face it – someone must do it. So instead of resistance, express your gratitude and joy, thinking how good and cozy it will be in your house.

Who pays for this banquet?

Pay bills, too boring. But what’s worse is that every paid account means less money for a loved one. Let me share with you the secret of careless payment of bills: congratulate yourself for each paid account and charge a positive point of the universe for having money to pay bills, and in general, there is something to pay bills for – an apartment, a car, a dacha, children in the university (enter the appropriate value).

Family bonds

“There is no such a husband who would not even dream of becoming a bachelor for at least an hour!” Well, seriously speaking, it’s no longer true! And if seriously … if you want to live really well, there is nothing better than starting (and ending) every day a good portion of love and kindness in the family circle. And do not forget about your children 🙂

What did I miss? Share your opinion – and in what other area of ​​everyday life can you find a place for positive thinking?

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