Indian Journalist Insulted Fawad Khan

Pakistani celebrities facing trouble in India.

Indian Journalist Insulted Fawad Khan And Response From A Pakistani

Fawad Khan is a Pakistani actor and singer. He is the most wanted hero in Pakistan. He is also gaining popularity across the world. But recently Indian journalist insulted Fawad Khan. The journalist Soumyadipta Banerjee  took to Twitter on Tuesday calling for the film industry to boycott the Pakistani actor. He said “this is not the time to promote culture,” he said, while calling for Bollywood to unite against Pakistan.

Soumyadipta Banerjee Tweet

“It’s time for Bollywood to stand with the jawans of this country and ban Pakistani actors like Fawad Khan. Please respond to#UriAttack”

Soumyadipta Banerjee calling for the entire industry along with the country to boycott the Pakistani actor!

Banerjee Open Letter To Fawad Khan

In his open letter to Fawad Khan he is telling him to return to Pakistan.

“Fawad, I don’t think you can deny how much love we have showered on you over the past few years. We have given you more money in two years than what you could have possibly earned in Pakistan in 10 years. We have given you the recognition that you would have never been able to earn sitting in Karachi. We made you act in great movies, we helped you endorse brands. And hey, we also made you a bigger star in Pakistan,” 

“We are proud of what we have done for you. We know that you have acknowledged it numerous times. You have spoken with gratefulness about the love and hospitality that we have shown to you. Though you keep mum about the money, you have earned here, we know that you are grateful to India for showering you with wealth too. Thank you for acknowledging that,” says Banerjee.

“Though you are a supporting male lead in Bollywood movies, you are now a mega superstar in Pakistan.”

The journalist straight up tells Fawad to leave India as his current projects end.
“Finish what you are doing Fawad and then do us a favour by going back to Pakistan. You see, what you have earned here is enough to last a lifetime. Go when the time is good and don’t wait for people to boycott you. Don’t wait for movies to crash at the box office because you are there in it”.
“Take care and let us know when you are getting your air tickets to Karachi done. We plan to give you a grand farewell.
With deep regards,
Your ardent Indian fan”.

In response of an insulting tweet Mahira Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and other Pakistani artists working in Bollywood have also been asked to quit their careers there.

Answer To Senseless Journalist From A Pakistani

Dear Senseless Bollywood Journalist;

“Let me thank you first for the letter you have written and the chance you have given us to speak our hearts out. Lets begin with your point of saying that India promotes cultural diffusion. If it had been so, I would never had the fortune to come across your letter. If India has graciously showered love over Fawad Khan; then that is due to the fact that he has earned it along with any other Pakistani star. If you have given him the awards, than he has given you enough of his looks and acting, that no other of your actor would have been able to offer with such perfection”.

If you blame Fawad for distancing himself from the statements related to Jihadists and Uri attack, than I must say that you have forgotten India’s contribution to Kashmir terrorism. As a writer and a journalist, I feel pity for your stance and opinion. It makes me sad to think how someone could spew so much hatred. Please do not suggest Fawad the courage to speak up, when you are using your journalistic rights so against the integrity.

In the end as a writer I would say that, while, you have great literary skills “You lack courage. You lack conviction. You lack the guts to stand up” for what is right. Please note it down for your next article that if you, in the future, dare to stand against the Pakistani celebrities or anyone; you will get an even worst response. 


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