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Muhammad Aamir Walima And T-20

Muhammad Aamir dressing was dashing on his Walima. Today late night at 3:30am he will leave for Dubai with his wife Narjis. In Dubai Where he will play against West-indies. He will take part in...


Pakistani Sibling Celebrities

Pakistan’s media industry is at its glance.We are going to discuss Pakistani sibling Celebrities. Minal and Aiman Minal and Aiman are a new addition to Pakistan’s media industry.They were born on 20th November, 1998....

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Angelina Jolie Divorced Brad Pitt

One Of The Highest Profile Marriage Is Over. Hollywood’s most powerful couple have divorced. After over a decade of being together. They finally married in August 2014. Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad. Multiple...

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Muhammad Aamir Barat

Today September 20, 2016 is Muhammad Aamir Wedding day. They both are looking very happy.   Muhammad Aamir Barat Photos