Remove sunburn without resorting to aggressive procedures of professional cosmetology

How to remove sunburn from the face without resorting to aggressive procedures of professional cosmetology?

The need to quickly wash off the tan and whiten the skin appears in fundamentally different situations. The seductive bronze shade of the skin is considered incredibly sexy, and now it is again in vogue, despite the recent fascination of most girls with aristocratic pallor.

  • When there is a need for bleaching?
  • Lemon juice in the struggle for “aristocratic pallor”
  • Lotion
  • Essential oil
  • Mask
  • Parsley: how to remove tan with it?
  • Ice
  • Broth
  • Nourishing mask with whitening effect
  • Mask


Sometimes it happens that tanning can be uneven, which significantly worsens the aesthetic perception of the face. For example, if a woman sunbathed in glasses, white bleeding remains in their place, and the rest of the face acquires a chocolate shade (especially if there is a tendency for rapid insulation).

Another case – you overdo it with the time spent in the sun or in the solarium, and now suffer from excessive skin peeling. As a result, uneven shades appeared on its surface, which should be urgently “washed off” .

And maybe, you just do not want to be tanned, and suddenly decided that this is hindering your attractiveness?

Then we will tell you how to get rid of tanning at home. Quickly remove the effects of insolation can help quite aggressive procedures performed in outpatient clinical or salon conditions. If your skin is sensitive, or you are an opponent of radical chemical peelings in principle, try to get by the procedures of home cosmetology.

So, how to quickly wash off tan in the home?

Lemon juice in the struggle for “aristocratic pallor”

If you are looking for ways to remove tan from your face, the first and simplest thing that can help you is the usual lemon juice. Of course, it is very important that it is natural – in this case, does not fit citric acid, diluted with water in certain proportions.


Citric acid, like any other organic acid in principle, is able to quickly remove from the skin the very pigment melanin, synthesized during any insolation (both natural and artificial). To whiten the skin with it, you can practice ordinary peeling. To do this, you need a freshly squeezed juice of one lemon and a cotton pad. First, draw the liquid on the tampon, moisten it abundantly.

Why start to process the surface of the face with the help of circular massage movements. The skin must be thoroughly cleaned with foam or gel (and preferably a special tonic or lotion) before carrying out this procedure. Perform it every evening, just before bed. To wash off a lemon juice from the face it is not necessary, as he quickly enough is absorbed and in any way does not threaten your epidermis at superficial use.

Essential oil

If the usual concentrated lemon juice seems to you not the best solution to your problem, you can use lemon essential oil. It has a pleasant smell and an optimal structure for applying to the face. But it is better to mix it with a base vegetable oil, for example, a grape or apricot kernel. Approximate proportion – three drops of ether concentrate per tablespoon of base oil. It is also possible to apply such a composition to the skin for the whole night, instead of the cream.


How else to quickly get rid of tanning by using lemon juice?

You can try the following mask:

  • Whisk with whisk or fork chicken egg protein;
  • Add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice (or 5-6 drops of citrus essential oil);
  • Put into the resulting mixture a tablespoon of biostimulated aloe vera juice;
  • Again, thoroughly mix all the ingredients to diffuse;
  • Exfoliate the face with an abrasive scrub (you can use sugar, but not coffee, because the second can just strengthen the tan and make it more pronounced);
  • Wipe your face with lotion, tonic or micellar water;
  • Take a brush with a stiff bristle;
  • Apply the mixture on the face with a tool, distributing it evenly over the surface;
  • If necessary, wait for the first layer to dry and apply a second one;
  • Soak the mask on the face for 15-20 minutes;
  • Rinse with warm water without using soap and other cleaning agents.

After this procedure, it is not superfluous to tonify a person using ice from herbal infusions or decoctions, especially those plants that also have a whitening effect.

Parsley: how to remove tan with it?

Parsley is not only a known plant concentrate of scorbutic acid, but also a famous clarifying agent. With her help you can get rid of unwanted sunburn, freckles and age spots. Use the product either in the form of a decoction, or in a concentrated form (juice).


Parsley juice is a more effective remedy. How to wash off a fresh tan with it? You can freeze it and apply ice for washing and morning “cryomassage” . If you begin to conduct such a pleasant and simple procedure every morning, very soon you will get rid of sunburn, which at the moment is unacceptable for you. Clarifying the skin after using parsley appears almost immediately. However, to completely remove the remnants of “bronze” from the skin, you may need several weeks to a couple of months, depending on how strongly pronounced the tan is.


If you use decoction of the root or parsley leaves, you do not have to wait for the instant effect of its application. Juice is much faster. However, as you understand, with the preparation of the juice will have to “tinker” , especially if you do not have a juicer at home, and you do it manually (that is, using a meat grinder).

The broth is done like this:

  1. A glass of finely chopped parsley leaves (can be mixed with the crushed root of the plant) pour half a liter of steep boiling water;
  2. Put the resulting mixture at the minimum level of fire (can be installed on the steam bath, but in this case, the fluid will need to be twice as long) and steaming it for 10-20 minutes;
  3. After removing the decoction from the plate, place it in the thermos for a couple of hours;
  4. Then filter the liquid with a sieve or gauze;
  5. Cool the broth and use it as a lotion.

Since such a product is the most mild of all listed, you can “wash” them several times a day. You can also freeze it and treat the face in the morning with ice cubes from such a decoction (in this case, the cake can not be expressed or discarded, but used when frozen).

Nourishing mask with whitening effect

Many women are wondering about how to whiten the face from sunburn, not to harm the skin, but on the contrary, to nourish it and moisturize it? There is nothing easier!

For this purpose, you can use a mask based on cucumber pulp. It is especially relevant in the hot summer, since it can deeply saturate the skin with life-giving moisture and protect it from excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays.


To a cucumber better kept on the face, it is desirable to wipe his flesh on a grater with any size of perforations. It will not be superfluous to mix the pulp with the egg white protein (or two quail egg whites). It is necessary to maintain such a composition on the face for at least half an hour, and the procedure of ablation should be made on a daily basis, until the skin acquires the desired shade.

There are many ways, and even ready-made cosmetics, with which you can quickly and safely lighten the skin tone of the face.

Note that the products and products of home cosmetology do not work instantly, so you will need patience to finish what you started.

But the use of home remedies will be more useful for the general condition of the skin. But if you need to remove the tan, urgently, contact a beautician. He will offer you a superficial acid peeling, a series of professional masks or a photocorrection.

With these procedures, tanning will disappear from your face instantly, in just one session. Be beautiful!

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