Vitamin mask against hair loss: 7 useful recipes

Vitamin mask from hair loss

Vitamins are an important factor for beauty and health. They act as activators of absolutely all types of biochemical reactions that occur in the human body. Only when you receive all the necessary elements in the hair follicles will ensure you a density and prevent their loss.

That is, in order to stop the loss, you need to “replenish the stock” of missing vitamins.

  • Vitamins from hair loss: what to choose
  • The best masks with vitamins from hair loss – recipes
  • General rules for preparation and use


Many centuries ago, the best decoration of women and girls was considered the presence of long and thick hair. But due to the influence of external factors, this hair loss is not so easy, so many female representatives are wondering how to preserve health and beauty. Of course, scientists and people who manufacture cosmetics, provide us with a wide range of products to care for different types of hair.

But everyone knows that a good kind of scalp, hair, nails primarily depends on the general condition of your entire body. In such cases, vitamin complexes will be an assistant.

In addition, their use is possible not only inside, but also externally – for example, make masks, or rub in the skin and roots, or add to shampoo. To this end, useful vitamins such as B6, PP, C, B2, A, E, which are available in ampoules. These useful drugs can be bought at the pharmacy.

B5 – affects the metabolic process, perfectly restores the structure.

PP (nicotine) – used to accelerate growth, be applied to the roots.

B6 – will help in the fight against irritation of the scalp and unpleasant itching, cure weakened from the effects of weather hair, slows the process of their loss. It is recommended to apply on roots.

В12 – perfectly nourishes and strengthens the roots, gives shine, and the view becomes well-groomed, promotes growth.

With (or simply ascorbic) – it is recommended to add to the usual amount of shampoo, it will help in the fight against tarnish and reduce the negative impact, as well as give shine and reduce the negative effect of the effect of sls.

F – a wonderful assistant in the fight against peeling and dry skin, help get rid of hateful dandruff, slows down.

D3 – will help in the fight against the manifestations of psoriasis, this drug is best applied to the roots.

Oily vitamins A and E are an excellent remedy for fragile, weakened and dry ringlets. This drug can be applied not only to the locks at the base, but evenly distributed throughout their length. Also it can be added to professional cosmetics.


  • Healing composition for strengthening bulbs and reducing loss

It is necessary to take one ampoule of each of the listed vitamins – B12, B6, B1, yolk of one egg, 1 st. l. spoon of sea buckthorn oil, 1 tbsp. l. Burdock oil, 1 tbsp. l. and sea buckthorn oil. Yolk whisk thoroughly with the addition of oils, and then add the containing ampoule. Prepared the mixture and apply to the entire surface evenly. To improve the actions of the preparations, it is better to wrap the head with a towel, and then keep the prepared composition for an hour and a half. Wash off with shampoo and then with warm water.

  • Prescription for dryness remedy

Take the vitamins A and E with lemon juice. Then add in an equal amount of dimexide, and castor oil, then add 2 ampoules of B6. Mix and diligently rub into the scalp to insulate and keep an hour and a half. This tool should be used no more than twice a week.

  • Mask that intensively nourishes

Ampoules C, B1, pour into the dishes, then add concentrated aloe juice, 2 tbsp. l. honey, 1 egg. 

All mixed well and applied to damp strands. Withstand the composition for one hour. Repeat the procedure for 7 days.

  • Wellness mixture for strengthening hair follicles

2 tbsp. l. castor oil, 2 eggs, 1 ampoule of vitamin D. First mix the containing ampoules with oil, then drive in eggs. Apply on roots and stand for 25 minutes. After washing off, the procedure should be repeated three times in a row, and then take a break for 5 days and again repeat the treatment course.

  • Mask for itching and oily scalp, to give volume

It is necessary to take a glass of lime flowers, nettle leaves, chamomile flowers. Soak the grass and let it brew for 25 minutes. The field of that as the broth will cool down, add 3 drops of vitamins A, B2 and B12. Add crumbs of rye bread. Apply the prepared mixture to the roots, then warm the head and stand for an hour and a half. At the end of time, carefully wash with water, until all bread crumbs are washed.

  • Recipe that fits all types of hair

Mix nicotinic acid with aloe juice concentrate. Then take 30 drops of propolis tincture and mix all the ingredients. Rub into the skin and stand for two hours.

  • Mask for recovery 

Take on the ampoule vitamins A, D, E, B1, B6, 5 drops of almond, olive oil, 1 tbsp. l. honey. All components are mixed and applied, then warm the head with a towel or put on a shower cap.

Keep this consistency for at least an hour. If your hair is prone to fat, then add to the composition and 1 st. l. lemon juice. Take note: this mask should be checked for an allergic reaction. Before use, apply the prepared mixture to the wrist.


You need to remember about the correct use of vitamins, despite their usefulness if you do not keep the correct ratio of drugs, you can cause harm. Use should be a measure, so follow a clearly selected recipe. All the necessary vitamins for masks can be bought at the pharmacy, in such ampoules will also contain protein, collagen and keratin.

All these additives will improve the look of your braces and will encourage them to grow. With the addition of the ampoule, you can prepare not only masks, but also add them to the shampoo. Home remedies prepared with their own hands, must be applied to dry strands, it is necessary to apply to wet ones only in cases prescribed in the recipe.

Take note of the rules for preparing and using masks for your hair from falling out. 

  1. In order to prepare a mask, take only fresh ingredients;
  2. The dishes in which you mix the components must be dry and clean, it is advisable to use a container of glass or porcelain;
  3. For accurate measurement, keep a measuring glass and a pipette close at hand;
  4. Apply to dry clean curls;
  5. The prepared mixture is applied with the help of fingers or a comb with sparse denticles for uniform application;
  6. After applying, warm your head with a towel or shower cap;
  7. Give the mask to soak the scalp and strand structure, maintain the necessary time;
  8. Wash off the water with a temperature that is slightly higher than the body temperature;
  9. If the prescription consisted of oils, then flushing, perhaps, should be done several times with the use of shampoo;
  10. If after using masks from hair loss with vitamin supplements, combing is not so easy, then use the balm.

Hair is not only an indicator of beauty, but also of health! Do not forget to take care of them and feed them with useful substances with the help of beautiful masks.

It is in the vitamins for the hair contains all the necessary elements. Do not spare time for yourself loved ones!

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